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Rosemary Mint Conditioner Bar

Rosemary Mint Conditioner Bar
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Product Description

This is our ALL TIME FAVORITE bath item here at k9 closet! FOR DOGS ONLY!

Designed to condition the skin and leave fur silky smooth, this is the perfect complement to our DERMagic Certified Organic Shampoo Bars. Rosemary has been used for years to help improve blood circulation, moisturize hair and skin, and prevent hair loss.

Peppermint provides vitamins A and C, omega-≠3 fatty acids and minerals that leave your pet feeling refreshed and relaxed. Peppermint is a natural calmative and antiseptic, so it helps to remove dandruff and microbes while keeping skin healthy. DERMagicís new Rosemary-≠Mint Conditioner bar conditions your petís coat while naturally eliminating common skin problems that cause dry, itchy skin. Best of all, it helps calm your pet during baths.

For Best Results: After shampooing, rinse thoroughly, then gently stroke the Conditioner Bar directly onto the fur in the direction the hair grows. Just a light stroke does the trick. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly.

Note: For longest bar life, store exposed to air.