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Rosemary Feline Shampoo Bar
Rosemary Feline Shampoo Bar
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Product Description

DERMagic has incorporated this healing oil into a lightly-≠scented shampoo bar that allows for you to hold the cat with one hand, while creating a thick, rich, easily-≠rinsed lather with the other. This helps make bathing a cat an easy, relaxing experience.

All of DERMagicís feline products are naturally non-≠ toxic, biodegradable, free from artificial dyes or fragrances, and pH-≠balanced for a catís special needs. All of our shampoo bars are handmade in the Pacific Northwest with organic vegetable oils utilizing green manufacturing processes.

Note: Safe for cats and kittens, and great for dogs too. For longest bar life, store exposed to air.