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Musher's Secret - Paw Protection
Musher's Secret - Paw Protection
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Product Description

Musher's Secret - the invisible boot. Musher's Secret is a dense, barrier wax that forms a breathable bond with your dog's paws. Developed in Canada for use with sledding dogs, it provides tenacious protection even in the most extreme conditions.

Safe and Natural Made from a blend of several food-grade waxes, then refined according to our own special formulations, Musher's Secret is the safe, non-toxic way to protect your dog's paws. The semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, and will not leave stains on your carpets or furniture. Made from 100% natural waxes. Protect your dog from: Salt and Chemicals, Ice build-up, Snowballing, Sand and sandburn, Hot pavement, and Rough terrain.

How often should I use Musher's Secret? It depends on the activity level of your dog. Mushers will "walk off" in about a week. In snowy conditions, I use it 2-3 times a week (we walk 2 miles a day). In snowy weather, be sure to spread Mushers up in between the pads to prevent snowballing.

Is it ok if my dog licks his paws after I apply Mushers? Absolutely, dogs like the taste, and ingredients are all 100% natural waxes. I usually apply just before we go out.